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    Husband | San Antonio Native| Philanthropist | Fisherman | Tennis and Golf Enthusiast

    Who Is Stephen Geri?

    As the founder and Managing General Agent at Diversified Employee Benefit Services, LLC (DEBS). in San Antonio, Texas, Stephen Geri is committed to customer service above all. DEBS is a leader in the field of custom health insurance and benefits packages for businesses of all sizes. If there is one thing that Stephen Geri brings to the office every day it’s passion. Stephen is not only an insurance agent, he is a communicator and liaison between the insurance providers and his valued clients. He prides himself on translating complex insurance and benefits packages into something tangible that his clients can easily understand.


    In addition to his role as the Managing General Agent at DEBS Insurance, Stephen is dedicated to helping others in any way he can. For years, Stephen has worked with various charities, organizations, and religious groups to help better the lives of those around him, especially those who have suffered great trauma or pain.


    When he’s not at the office creating customized health insurance and benefits packages for his clients, Stephen is an avid outdoorsman, golfer, tennis player, fisherman, and boating enthusiast. He’s been an avid fisherman his whole life, spending his earlier years fishing the coast of Houston for trout and flounder. Stephen Geri began bass fishing when he relocated to San Antonio for a business opportunity. Spending time on the open water and fishing with his grandchildren is one of Stephen’s greatest joys.


    Complimenting his many passions, Stephen is a family man. A proud grandfather, Stephen's grandchildren are his pride and joy. You can check out more about Stephen and his family by viewing his gallery on this page, where he shares cherished moments between him and his family. He absolutely loves to share pictures with his grandchildren in them. From telling stories of how talented his grandchildren are, to spending time in San Antonio, Texas with his family, Stephen is well-rounded when it comes to making memories with his loved ones.

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    Check out this professional Q&A with Stephen! If you're interested in business and startups, this is a great resource.


    "Never stop your day until you know you’ve done all you good to improve your business sales, service and reputation. Say what you mean, do what you say. It’s a simple as that."

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    Professional & Family Man | Stephen Geri

    Who is Stephen Geri? Both in and out of Stephen's career with DEBS, this is the home website where you can learn all about Stephen, his professional overview and activities he loves to do with his family.

    Hobbies | Stephen Geri

    When he’s not working to help his clientele with benefits and health insurance, it’s a safe bet Stephen Geri is enjoying 18 holes. Stephen is an avid fisherman, enjoys playing gold and tennis, and even endeavorers in ping-pong. Sports are a big portion of Stephen's hobbies. When he has time, he even enjoys helping his wife in the garden.

    DEBS | Stephen Geri

    Diversified Employee Benefits Services, LLC (DEBS) was founded and is now managed by Stephen Geri. Stephen and the team at Diversified Employee Benefit Services offer a diverse array of products to serve almost any need.

    Philanthropy & Charities | Stephen Geri

    Stephen Geri has always been extremely passionate about helping those in need. His philanthropic nature ranges from many organizations to even helping his granddaughter sell Girl Scout cookies, and supports the troops.

  • Fishing Tips with Stephen Geri

    As an avid outdoorsman, Stephen Geri knows fishing in San Antonio, Texas. From freshwater to saltwater fishing, your sportsmanship will appreciate the tips Stephen shares on his blog.

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