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3 Best Hiking Boots for 2018

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Choosing the right hiking boots can really make a difference in your experience. Pick the wrong boots and you might find yourself miserable and in pain on what should have been a great adventure. Choose the right boots and you'll be ready to tackle mile after mile of beautiful scenery.

When you're starting the search for the perfect boots, consider what kind of hiking you'll be doing. Lightweight models are best for those who usually stick to day hikes, while heavyweight options are the best choice for hikers who frequently go on multi-day trips on rough terrain or carry heavy loads. Midweight boots work well for those who enjoy a variety. Once you've found your perfect fit, you'll be ready for every adventure that comes your way. The following boots are some of the best on the market this year.

This popular lightweight boot provides a great fit and comfortable heel cushioning for those who will be sticking to shorter trips. The waterproof membrane protects your foot from light rain or dew, and the price makes this the perfect boot for beginner hikers who are just getting started.

Salomon has taken what was already a sturdy, reliable boot and given it upgrades that make it even better. Now featuring an advanced chassis design that allows for more forefoot flexion and improved outsoles that better grip rough terrain, the Quest 4D 3 GTX will see you smiling even at the end of a long day of challenging trails with a heavy load. The price reflects the level of care in this boot's construction though, and it is likely too stiff and restrictive for those who stay on maintained trails or want to move quickly.

This unique lightweight boot has the look and feel of a running shoe but with extra ankle support and protection from the elements to make it appropriate for light hiking. The Gore-Tex membrane is waterproof yet breathable to prevent blisters or irritation, and Contragrip rubber traction provides you with maximum stability on slippery descents. Though the Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GT doesn't offer as much underfoot protection as some other models, it is one of the best lightweight models around.

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